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Dismal Problems with Household Carpets:

Almost every household has carpets in their living area and almost every carpet owner knows that our household carpets so readily become the casualties of our daily lives. Be it tough organic stains from food spills and or dust and dirt infestation, household carpets need to be treated regularly in order to maintain complete hygiene and a look of cleanliness.

If treated at home, these problems can lead to bigger problems. Household bleach or detergent based cleaners are not for cleaning tough stains from carpets. Instead of cleaning, the harsh chemicals will damage the fibers and thus prolong the problem. Treating at home isn’t the solution and no matter what you do, there will always be dust clogged in the carpets that can lead to allergies and airborne diseases. What you need is professional assistance from the best cleaning service in San Rafael.

Best Carpet Cleaners in San Rafael:

Here at Carpet Cleaning San Rafael, we are our one stop shop to all of your carpet cleaning and maintenance needs. Our professionals know just the solutions to each and every problem. The thing with household carpets is that they vary in fabrics and the types of stains vary too. One needs to know the anatomy of the carpet and of the stain to conduct effortless cleaning.

Our professionals have specific and specially designed formulas for each and every type of stains. We use formulas that integrate with the fibers and break the stain down from its core to ensure impeccable cleaning without any possible sort of damage.

Our extensive cleaning formulas like steaming and dry cleaning work to the core of the fabric to bring out each and every particle of dust. The dust particles cling to fibers and can only be removed by extensive professional treatment. And here at Carpet Cleaning San Rafael, we are just the professional service you need!

Our Exclusive and Green Cleaning Technologies:

Not only do we have cleaning formulas that are targeted and perceptive, they are one step ahead of all the other cleaning methodologies out there because they are completely green and Eco-friendly. Yes! Here at Carpet Cleaning San Rafael, we have formulated completely natural and bio degradable cleaning formulas with years of hard work.

So not only are we conducting effortless and impeccable cleaning, we are also procuring and sustaining our planet. As a business, we are doing our part in preserving our planet and want to encourage other to do so with our work.

Contact Us Now:

Contact us now at (415) 237-1050 for full assistance and price quotes on our cleaning procedures. We have specially designated team of customer care representatives. They will guide you through all of our procedures and answer all of your inquiries genuinely. You can also get a free and instant price quote.

We serve the following neighborhoods in San Rafael:

  • Bay Islands
  • Bayside Acres
  • Bret Harte
  • California Park
  • Canal
  • Canal Waterfront
  • Central San Rafael
  • China Camp
  • Civic Center
  • Country Club
  • Dominican/Black Canyon
  • Fair Hills
  • Francisco Boulevard West
  • Gerstle Park
  • Glenwood
  • Lincoln/San Rafael Hill
  • Loch Lomond
  • Lucas Valley
  • Marinwood
  • Mont Marin/San Rafael Park
  • Montecito/Happy Valley
  • North San Rafael Commercial Center
  • Peacock Gap
  • Picnic Valley
  • Rafael Meadows/Los Ranchitos
  • Santa Venetia
  • Smith Ranch
  • Sun Valley
  • Terra Linda
  • West End


San-Rafael-Coffee-Stain-Carpet-Cleaning San-Rafael-Carpet-Cleaning-Carpet-Cleaning San-Rafael-Wine-Stain-Carpet-Cleaning
San-Rafael-before-carpet San-Rafael-after-carpet
San-Rafael-Wax-Stain San-Rafael-wands
San-Rafael-Vomit-before-carpet San-Rafael-Vomit-after-carpet San-Rafael-Wall2WallCarpet
San-Rafael-Carpet-Clean-before San-Rafael-Carpet-Clean-after San-Rafael-Carpet-Cleaning-Company
San-Rafael-Wall2WallCarpets San-Rafael-Traffic-Area-Carpet-Cleaning San-Rafael-SteamClean
San-Rafael-Urine-carpet-Clean San-Rafael-Traffic-Area-carpet-cleaners
San-Rafael-Lipstick-before San-Rafael-Steam-cleaner
San-Rafael-Lipstick-After San-Rafael-Dog-Poop-Cleaning
San-Rafael-Fleas-Cleaning San-Rafael-Stairs-Carpet-Cleaning San-Rafael-Dog-carpet-clean
San-Rafael-deep-clean San-Rafael-CommercialCarpetCleaning
San-Rafael-Commercial-Carpet-Clean San-Rafael-Carpet-Cleaning-Wall-To-Wall San-Rafael-Carpet-Clean-room
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