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The Bleak Predicaments of a Household Rug:

Rugs, we all love them for their soft fuzzy feeling under our feet and the fact that they add a whole new dimension of class and style to the living abode. But like everything else, rugs need to be maintained too. There can be a ton of problems associated with household rugs that can’t be dealt with at home.

Household stains become even worse when it comes to rugs. Rugs tend to have longer fibers than the customary household carpets, thus making the stain even harder to remove. Longer fabrics also become a haven for all sorts of dust particles and allergens, thus making it very unhygienic for the living area. Treating at home can bring about fatal results and damage your expensive rug, so what you need is professional assistance!

Professional Rug Cleaning in San Rafael:

With professional help right here in San Rafael, you don’t even need to consider the idea of cleaning at home. Here at San Rafael Carpet Cleaning, we excel in professional cleaning and maintenance of rugs. Our professionals have been in the field for many years now and they know just how to treat each and every type of stain.

Rugs tend to vary in types of fabric. Being one of the best rug cleaning services in San Rafael,  CA, we have proficient and effective cleaning formulas that integrate with the fibers to bring about seamless cleaning without even minimal damage to the rug itself.

Our Green and Integral Modus Operandi:

Not only do we have efficient cleaning formulas, we are taking a very extraordinary initiative to pursue green cleaning. Our professionals have brilliantly formulated cleaning serums from all natural ingredients, thus making them completely Eco-friendly and bio degradable. We produce no harmful industrial waste while cleaning and protect our planet while doing what we do best.

These formulas work effortlessly to break down the stain from its core and leave behind not even a blemish. Because these formulas are mild yet effective, the clean the stains without any sort of damage that a customary bleach or detergent might cause. So green formulas considerably prolong the life of your rug and keep them maintained.

Being green, these formulas are completely non-toxic. So if you are worried about your household rug being treated by harmful and toxic chemicals, we assure you that these formulas are completely safe for household usage.

Call Us Now:

So don’t wait any longer and get in touch for the best area rug cleaning service in San Rafael. We have a team of professional customer care representatives to assist you. Just give us a call and all of your inquires will be answered genuinely. Our reps will guide you through everything and help you make the right decision.


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